Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time for Back to School

It’s time to get those kids ready for school.
Time for Back to School Shopping
Here is your mission if you choose to accept it. GET THE MOST FROM YOUR SCHOOL CLOTHES BUDGET. . . . keep reading
8 Great Tips To Organize Kids’ Rooms
It’s the battle cry of millions of parents: “Clean your room!” As you get ready for back to school it is a great opportunity to organize your child’s bedroom. Seasonal events like birthdays, the holidays or a new school year bring fresh impetus to the drive to get kids organized–and nowhere is the battleground more intense than in the children’s bedrooms. . . . keep reading
Back to School Artwork Books
Our Back to School idea this month is focused on saving all of our kid’s artwork that comes home from school. When my daughter started in an early education program, every week the school would send home her artwork from her lessons. She was so proud of her work that she wanted to keep it. . . . keep reading
Make Your Own Hair Bows
Make Hair bows to match your kids back to school clothes. . . . keep reading