Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Photo Contest for Moms

Enter your favorite photos of your kids’ Halloween costumes to show off your spooky cutie, and maybe even win a prize.
The top 10 photos with the most votes will get $100 worth of Mamasource credit.
The earlier you join, the more time you have to get votes.  Good luck!
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. from the Leaves from the Tree of Life

For all of the glory in the branches, the earth has finished her work of production.  We celebrate now with what we already possess; we make cider from the apples we’ve picked and store the squash for the winter.  We have such security in our substance that we will play with our food, carving faces where candles can glow in a pumpkin that will never be eaten.   In consumer psychology, the orange colors of October inspire ideas of warmth and richness, a concept seized upon by advertisers of brandy and other upscale foods. They also physically stimulates the pancreas, which produces digestive enzymes for digestion of starches, sugars and fats in addition to insulin.  Fast-food marketers have capitalized on that bit of information, which explains the remarkably homogenous decorating schemes of the major chains.    From candle-glow to decorative orange leaf bags, everything proclaims glory in October.
Excerpt from Leaves from the Tree of Life by Dianne Murray and Kim Welborn. 

Halloween with Mom-Stuff

It is our favorite time of year We love Halloween. Come and visit and get some fun ideas to make this your best Halloween season. We have everything you need:
How tp Plan a Halloween Family Party
Family is were all the fun begins. Every year our family has an annual Halloween party and we wanted to share with all of you our experiences. This will let you take the ideas and make your own family fun. You can use these ideas and make them your own by adding your families personalities to them. If you do not have extended family around you get together with other moms and plan your Halloween Party together. This is a good way for everyone to make more friends. “Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted.” ~Paul Pearshall . . . keep reading
Fun Family Halloween Games
More Fun Family Halloween Games . . . keep reading
Fun Halloween Recipes
How to make fun Halloween treats for big and small. Everyone will enjoy this creepy food for Halloween Night! . . . keep reading
Skeleton Plates,Cups and Punch Bowl
This Halloween Party was all about Skeletons. Make plates, cups, serving bowls, or even a punch bowl to match. We have your instructions and patterns. . . . keep reading
Halloween Games
Fun Halloween games for team and individual contests. . . . keep reading
Halloween Trick or Treat Bag
Re-Purposed T Shirt into a Halloween Trick or Treat Bag for this years Halloween fun. . . . keep reading
Neighbor Halloween Gifts . . . keep reading
Treasure Hunt for Your Halloween Party
To plan your Treasure Hunt get a map of your city or a piece of paper to draw a map. You will want make a trip using these locations in your town: . . . keep reading
Halloween Party Skeleton Invitations
Halloween Skeleton Invitations . . . keep reading
Halloween Party Scrapbook Page
For these pages I wanted to use some pictures from our Halloween Party. I choose some tan textured paper that looked like rocks. I love to make tear animals so I tried a cat and a bat. . . . keep reading
Halloween Kids Crafts
Make our Shrinken Heads, Ghost Lanterns, and Smasked Witches, with your kids this Halloween. They are fun to make and will add to the hounting spirt of the season. . . .keep reading