Monday, August 30, 2010

Help Your Child Learn Empathy

This is the perfect time to share this poem with your kids as they go back to school.
Somewhere out there is Laura.  I don’t know anything about her except that she wrote this poignant poem titled “I Am”.  The poem has been used in anti bullying campaigns around the world, and today I’d like to share it with you.
I am the person you bullied in school
I am the one who didn’t know how to be cool
I am the person you alienated
I am the person you ridiculed and hated
I am the person who sat on their own
I am the person who walked home alone
I am the person you scared every day
I am the person who had nothing to say
I am the person with hurt in their eyes
I am the person you never saw cry
I am the person living alone with their fears
I am the person destroyed by their peers
I am the person who drowned in your scorn
I am the person who wished they hadn’t been born
I am the person whose name you don’t know
I am the person who just can’t let go
I am the person destroyed for ‘fun’
I am the person, but not the only one
I am the person who had feelings too
..and I am a person, JUST LIKE YOU!!!
This poem evokes immense empathy by the preponderance of those who read it.  The dictionary defines empathy as “understanding” or “a deep emotional understanding of another’s feelings or problems”.  Having researched the value of emotional and social intelligence (ESI) skills in our youth, I can tell you that development of empathy as a key competency renders positive results for personal satisfaction and healthy relationships.   Though some believe that empathy is innate, I’m with the majority and believe that empathy can, and should be, taught to children at the earliest cognitive opportunity.  I envision empathy as a tool for carving out a kinder world in which there is diminished bullying and a population of children that is happier to the core.  Reading this poem with your kids and creating dialogue of what it must be like to be a bullied person is one approach to create awareness and fruitful action, but we need more.
Please contribute to our comments section and share your positive ideas or rewarding personal stories on how we, as a community can increase empathy to decrease bullying of any kind.  Then, consider sharing the article with anyone and everyone you know who can make a difference at home and beyond.  Ask them to participate too.  It does take a village!
This post is from Keyuri Joshi the On the Ball Parenting Coach
. Visit here web site for more great help on parenting, and to share your positive ideas.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mom Bloggers, Why Do You Have Followers?

It’s puzzling to mom bloggers why people read their blogs.
But face it. Someone’s reading it. Someone is following you. I am one of your followers.
Why do watch for a new-post, or pop my head in my RSS Reader to check and see what is new on your blog?
It’s not that your blog is super relevant to my life. Maybe yes, maybe not at all.
I’m might be learning from your blog. I might see you as a teacher. I might find you entertaining. All though I appreciate these things, it’s not why I read you.
This is way I follow you and probably why others follow you, too.
I’m looking at how you’re living your life, and I’m thinking about how to improve my own life.
I love your attitude. I’m working on becoming that person I want to be.
Watching you do your best helps me do my best.
You’re a real living human being, walking your talk, being that person you’re telling me about, you, inspires me. Yes I identify with you or your vision, somehow.
But the reason I’m your peep is a combination of factors that nobody can precisely identify – so don’t even try. Just keep blogging.
You could change your topic overnight, but as long as you are still writing with heartfelt integrity, I’d be there waiting for you to hit “publish.”
Thanks to all of my mom blogger friends. You inspire me. You entertain me. You all add to my life in a positive way.

Blog Tour for Romance Novel, Wind Warriors

I have some great news to share with you! Come September, I will be participating in a huge blog tour put on by Cynthia Roberts, author of the upcoming romance novel Wind Warrior!
There are some pretty exciting prizes for everyone involved – Cynthia is giving away $600 dollars worth of wonderful items! YOU could win one of five fabulous prizes! There will be something romantic, something succulent, somethingexquisite, and two others that will offer you lots of choices… Curious? Check out what you could win on the official blog tour giveaway website, here! You can also learn more about how this giveaway will operate. has a new romance article written by Cynthia. It is Romance 101. We are so excited to have her professional words of wisdom on
I’m looking forward to being a part of this great blog tour, and I hope you will come and join us!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Words of Wisdom from a Mom of Multiples

Today I found this great post at Multiplemama. I laughed out loud so I just had to share it. Thank you, Andie for your wonderful talent to share the humor of motherhood. She is such a great Mom Blogger.

You can buy all the books like What to Expect when you’re Expecting, Sleep Training for Dummies, and How to have a Zen Baby. But when it comes down to it and that little baby is in your arms you learn a few things your mother and all those books never even mentioned. Most especially your mother because she had her career as a grandmother at stake.

1) Your abdominal muscles are not going to forgive you anytime soon.
Recovery time after being stretched like a Gumby doll is going to be at least twice as long as the time it took to grow that baby. And exponentially longer if you had more than one in there at a time. But, they most likely will not ever look the same.

2) Breast feeding can give you stretch marks on your boobs. Which by the way are not going to ever be half as perky as they were before. But no matter because they are now more commonly thought of as a snack bar, and all cuteness is pretty much out of the question.

3) You thought granny panties were big, wait til you see the ones they give you to wear in the hospital after delivery.

4) Motherhood causes one to refer to oneself in the third person.
And no not by the name your parents gave you but, “Mommy.” “Mommy said no.” Will become your go to phrase for quite some time.

5) But not to worry. Because even when the kid is older you will be, “so and so’s mommy.” So you can practically forget using your real first name and not even notice it’s gone.

6) There are teams to be chosen. Breastfeeding vs. Formula, CIO vs. Attachment, Homeschool vs. traditional school, mom jeans vs. still trying to be a teenager jeans, green organic mommy vs. diet coke and fries mommy, and the list goes on so choose wisely and carefully the members of these teams mean business.

7) Laundry is now the driving force behind your sanity. And don’t be fooled that little seven pound bundle of joy can produce his own weight in dirty laundry by the hour!

8 ) The more kids you have the harder it is to carry on a conversation with friends who do not have kids. This boils down to one factor. Eye contact. Before you had kids you could afford to have eye contact with whomever you were speaking to. Now you must keep your eyes on the wandering children and keep tabs at all times on locations and activities. People without children will stop talking when you look away and never be able to complete a sentence let alone the conversation.

9) Yes, it does get easier. People will tell you that a lot. But, not let on to the fact that the minute it gets easier they get mobile. So, while that little guy may be able to feed himself his own breakfast now. He can also tun through the halls screaming after tearing off his own diaper.

10) It is even more fun than you thought it was going to be. But, you have got to be fast if you’re gonna keep up so wear some comfortable shoes!

Go and visit Andie at Multiple Mama and make comments. Jet her know how much you appreciate her blog.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We've come a Long Way, Baby

Today, the Women voters are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which guaranteeing women the right to vote in United States. The Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Wichita-Metro Chapter of the League of Women voters (LWV) organize the event on the Capitol steps in Helena. This is a series of events which starting this month and continues through spring 2011.
The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified on August 18, 1920. Montana allowed women to vote six years prior to that. Way to go, Montana!
“Women are a force in life. A factor which must be considered in all problems. Nearly a century later Montana women continue to be a force in life. We continue to labor and care for our communities, our schools, our environment, and our people,” McCulloch told the crowd.
In 1869, Wyoming became the first territory to grant women the vote. Utah, Colorado, and Idaho followed—many saw this as a way to attract women to the new territories—but other regions of the country were harder to persuade.
The Events Beginning at 7pm August 20, 2010 and the public is invited to Wichita State University’s Hughes Metropolitan Complex at 29th North and Oliver to listen to a panel of women discuss women’s issues. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Karen DeCrow will be featured speaker at Friday’s celebration marking the League of Women Voters’ 90th anniversary.
Woman have come a long way in the last 90 years. Lets celebrate, girls

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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5 Parenting Pointers about Kids and Movie Ratings

Last weekend I was surfing through some of the free movie channels that my satellite company was trying to woo me with.  I stumbled onto the 2008 movie The Love Guru and watched for about 10 minutes only to find my jaw pasted to the floor in mortified disbelief.  This MPAA rated PG-13 movie was nowhere near appropriate for a 13 year old.   It had extreme sexual innuendo, profanity, and a boy who says “I want to be a guru so girls will like me and then I will like myself”.  Really?  In addition to finding themselves a shade of crimson, most adults I know would find such content highly inappropriate for impressionable teens and younger siblings who are often grandfathered in to a movie.  I’m not going to write about what I saw, because my mother will be reading this blog and I don’t want to offend her or, for that matter, you, dear reader! (Later, I’ll give you a website recommendation that you can use if you choose to read about Love Guru on your own.)
What if your child was invited to see this movie and you assumed it would be acceptable just because of the PG 13 rating?  How do you know that the movies your children are viewing are appropriate to your value system as opposed to the fiscally motivated values of Hollywood Producer or a robotic MPAA rating panel?
Here are 5 suggestions to help parents stay a step ahead of Hollywood and kids who say “all my friends are seeing the movie… why can’t I?”
1.  Read Movie Rating Guides:  There are two excellent website resources that parents can use to assess movies before granting permission for kids to view them. breaks movie ratings down into three areas, sexuality / nudity, violence, and profanity.  The site purveyor scores each of the three sections on a 1 to 10 scale.  The sexuality / nudity rating for The Love Guru is 7 even though it is rated PG-13.  Kids-in-Mind also provides a written synopsis of exactly what your kids will see in various scenes.  As a parent you can read through these scenes and decide what is acceptable and what is not.  Another excellent resource is www.commonsensemedia.orgwith ratings and guidance beyond just movies.
2.   Consider Your Child’s Developmental Age:  Development is made up of physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth.   A child’s brain grows thousands of new neural connections every day and is an organ that changes in response to its experiences.  In other words, what goes in will eventually be expressed!  If it experiences repeated violence, then sensitization to that violence and increased aggression have been shown to take place.  Studies also show that sexual identity issues can occur due to repeated exposure to promiscuity (for more information see the Parents Television Council website).  Why would we expose our children’s brains to violence and promiscuity when that brain is not mature enough to process them?
3.  Know who is Accompanying Your Child:  A mature adult who accompanies a child to a movie has an opportunity to create dialogue and educate a child on what the movie messages were.  Both positive and negative learning points can be discussed.   On the other hand, teenage peers who are left to their own devices may misinterpret or even exploit movie content.  If you don’t want to “embarrass” your teen by accompanying them to a movie, then read the discussion points area in the Kids In Mind review and be prepared to create dialogue with your kids.
4.  Know where the Movie Venue is:  When I stumbled onto The Love Guru, I was in my own home perusing channels including HBO and Cinemax.  If you have these types of channels in your home, you may consider blocking them from less mature eyes.  If your kids are at their friend’s homes, try to find out ahead of time what types of TV or movies they’ll be watching.  Ask other parents about supervision and channel blocking.  It does take a village!
5.  Be a Firm and Consistent Parent:  One of my favorite quotes is “If You Don’t Stand for Something, You Will Fall for Anything.” Keep it in mind as you use the above criteria to set movie guidelines for your children.  Stay consistent and stubbornly refuse to let anyone sway you from your ideals.  Kids will say “but all my friends are going”, and other parents might say “it’s no harm… our kids are good kids… they’ll be okay”.  You might consider sharing the mentioned websites with them and alerting them to the potential perils of certain movies.  Not only will you be protecting your child, you will set an example that you are a force to be reckoned with.  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!
Reader comments are cherished.  Please share additional information that helps parents to protect kids from violent and promiscuous content.  It does take a village!
Keyuri Joshi RN, MSN, is a Certified Parenting and Emotional Intelligence Coach.  A “personal trainer” for parents, Keyuri assists moms or dads build and use a toolbox to achieve any goals they desire.  She also teaches parents to build emotional and social intelligence skills in children. These are research proven “must have” skills which schools do not teach.  Keyuri offers all parents a complimentary consultation and can be reached through her website,

Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Make Hair Bows

You ask for instructions and inspiration. Here it is. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make hair bows for your daughters hair this is the articles for you. Visit Make Your Own Hair Bows at

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Infant Bows

Make Your Own Infant Bows
To make hair bows for infants all you need is some narrow ribbon and Kero Syrup. Yes the kind you make candy with. Using a 9 inch piece of ribbon tie a bow. Pull it tight and cut the ends at an angle. Put it on your little girl with a small amount of Kero syrup.  To remove bow use a wet cloth. As you reuse the syrup it will stiffen the bow and keep it in shape. I have a friend who puts syrup on the bow and lets it dry with a pencil through each loop.  If you need to wash it just use some dish soap and water. I have found some small spools in matching colors at the craft store that make some really cute bows. If you have some friends to swap ribbons with or if you have a store that will sell you ¼ of a yard of the ribbon you want then these are really  to make.
If you want to purchase these we have a mom who sells them atmom-stuff. Her company is Bybee Bows. She also sells the Head glue which is food grade syrup in an easy to use bottle. For more fun craft ideas visit her blog

Finding Time for Girlfriends

Do you balance your life to make time for your girlfriends?

Or do you struggle with balancing work, life, family, friendships and life?
Girlfriends make women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. Those wonderful benefits of female friendship improve our quality of life and are substantial to our level of happiness. So why don’t we work to have not only a life/work balance, but to have a life/friendship balance?
Probably the most common excuse for not making time for our girlfriends is that we don’t have the time. We have kids, jobs, homes, relationships, dirty clothes, meals to prepare, dishes to do and all the wonderful other things that women do on a daily basis. We constantly juggle deadlines and budgets, try to take care of ourselves and our families, and often don’t even sleep well to be rested for another day of responsibilities and expectations.

Here’s our girlfriend advice for being a better friend and maintaining a life friendship balance:

1. Make time with your girlfriends a priority. Put it on  your calendar. Schedule time together – and don’t change  plans. Examples: Every Sunday night: call up a girlfriend and catch up on her life. Check in at least once a week or month with different female friends. Send a birthday card to all your girlfriends on their birthdays. Show your girlfriend(s) how much their friendship means to you – be the kind of friend you’d love to have!
2. Make plans with girlfriends in advance. Monthly Book Club, an upcoming concert or sports event, a trip together. Plan ahead and balance your schedule around it. (See #1!) Sometimes we have to plan far ahead to make arrangements and get on everyone’s schedule. So, plan ahead for some great times with your girlfriends!
3. Multi-task: Spend time together and ‘get stuff done!’ Run, work-out or take a yoga class together. (It will motivate you to get exercising and make it much more fun!) Volunteer together – do good for others and spend time with your favorite BFF(s). Even plan some of your ‘chores’ together – meet to go grocery shopping, go to the garden/home store together and work on home projects together, cook meals ahead of time (together, of course) then split them so you both have meals prepared.
4. Get into a routine. As we mentioned above, call your girlfriends every Sunday afternoon or evening. Plan a girlfriend’s happy hour for the last Friday of the month and book a babysitter in advance. (Then possible share the babysitter with our girlfriend’s kids!) As shared on our Facebook page, Amy from Cincy Chic, has a standing girlfriend get-together – aka: “Champagne Tuesday.” (Does that sound fun and like you’d love to hang out with Amy and her girlfriends every week?!)
5. Look out for each other. Just like you need some work / life / friendship balance, so do your girlfriends. If your friend is working too much, invite her out to dinner to spend time away from work and with you. Talk about work some but also make the conversations about fun stuff – like reality shows, shoe shopping, upcoming travel plans, etc. If your BFF is a busy, busy mom, hire a babysitter for her and surprise her with a night out with you (and the girls). (Check out BabySitEase for a babysitting service provided by our girlfriend,Peggy Murriner.)
Happiness is found in balance. Balancing our time allows us to allot for our needs – working to follow a passion (and affording us the income and free time to enjoy the rest of the hours in our lives), spending time with people we love and maintaining a sane life work balance.
Build some time into your schedule for your girlfriends. It’s important to your happiness. It’s important to the balance of work and life.
Today I want to take the time to introduce you to one of my new girl friends.  Her name is Heidi and her blog is Made by Heidi. If you like craft projects you will love what she is doing right now. Made by Heidi has a contest going on. She has 18 craft projects posted and she wants you to vote Heidi says “I need your help! Take a look at the contestants and vote on your 5  favorites over in my sidebar. The voting will be open until Friday, August 6th at midnight. You are allowed 5 votes, per person, per day. Go to her site and get some great ideas. Vote while you are there.