Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tell your Father “My Dad Rocks”

Do you remember the pet rock? It was one of the biggest gift crazes in American history. Introduced in time for the holiday gift-buying season in 1975. The pet rock came in a cardboard box that looked like a pet porter, with a training manual, and sold for 3.95. Gary Dahl, the man who “invented” the pet rock became an instant millionaire.
Ken Hakuta, inventor of the Wacky Wallwalkers, has an explanation for the periodic success of what he calls “useless dumb jokes” like the pet rock. “It gives people a few moments of absolute meaningless pleasure in a troubled world–no small accomplishment.”
http://www.mom-suff.com/ is bringing back the pet rock. Their version has much more “BLING”

Is your Dad a rock star?

Make him his own pet rock for Father’s Day.

Tell your Father “My Dad Rocks”
Free Instructions at http://www.mom-stuff.com/Father_s_Day_Crafts.html in the Father’s Day Craft Section.

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