Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Social Networkering Products

Hi, all of you Twitters, Bloggers and Social Networkering Moms
the one and only Social Marketing Gifts Giveawaywill open it’s doors on 07/07/09.
… now you can download hundreds of socialmarketing tools and products for zero, zilch, nada
This year’s Social Marketing Gifts event is hostedby 2 of the Top Marketers in this industry: GuidoNussbaum and Stephanie Mulac.
They both have a huge experience in running giveawayevents… so what happens when they’ll team up?
That’s what they were asking themselves…
So we’ll see if they together can pull out theBiggest Giveaway we’ve ever seen…
… we’ll see…
… but one is for sure: They will definately pull outthe Biggest Social Marketing related event that has everhappened… worldwide!
So make sure you don’t miss this one… as you might know,Social Marketing is currently the Hot Topic on the net.
See you there,
Dianne Murray

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