Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mom-Stuff Blog Tour

Hello Mom Bloggers

Mom-Stuff.com wants to promote some of the excellent mom bloggers. The Mom-Stuff Blog Tour will highlight one mom blog each week for 15 weeks. We will promote your blog on our blogs, Twitter, Digg and Facebook. We want to support you by increasing your visibility. This will give you more credibility, more traffic, and more friends. We believe in supporting, helping and educating each other in all avenues that are of interest to moms. Submit your blog to us for review.

If your blog is excepted I will need the following from you:

1. Please let us know of any other URL’s you want us to promote.

2. Which posts you’d like Dianne to talk about for the 5 days M-F. You do not need to choose for each day. Dianne can choose what she believes will be the most interesting to the mom-stuff visitors but if there is something you want to use please let us know.

3. Any specific anchor text you’d like Mom-Stuff to use when linking to your blog.

4. Any ID affiliate links if you are promoting an affiliate. Your Click bank ID if you are promoting a Click bank product. This is the username for click bank. Dianne does not want your password, but needs your click bank ID so that she can use your affiliate link.

5. Tell us about your audience. Who is your typical blog reader? Please let us know the type of person who reads your blog and what brings them to your blog. Dianne will use this information to attract other moms to visit your site.

Please understand:
Mom-Stuff will promote the blog tour the entire 15 weeks. All Dianne asks in return is that you promote by sending a note to your lists when she starts and one after she finishes. The first, should be a solo mailing, but the second email reminder can just be a PS.

Also, daily tweets of her blog posts are appreciated. That’s it.P.S. If you except this invitation and are excepted to be a part of our Blog Tour we will give you a FREE one-year membership because we expect to get some of your clients as members of Mom-Stuff.com and we want you to have all of the affiliate commissions for them.

Thanks Dianne Murraydianne@mom-stuff.com

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