Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Children Learn From Watching and Listening

Our Children learn their greatest lessons from watching and listen to us every minute of every day. What are you teaching the children who are watching you?
It’s the holidays! Kick off your shoes and relax. This fabulous moment in time brings so many wonderful gifts, the most precious being the time to teach your children all that you can about life. We tend to disregard that we are our youngster’s greatest teachers. In our pursuit of the finest education we pay private schools large amounts of money to educate our children, forgetting that the most significant lessons they will ever learn are from watching and listening to us.
Teaching your children to think critically and make their own decisions is one of the most valuable gifts you will give them. Thinking critically protects them from peer pressure and empowers them to explore all options when problems arise. Ask your pre-teen what she knows about drugs while taking a walk on the beach together. Discuss with her how making an impulsive decision like driving drunk can impact her life forever.
Talk to your 3 year old about his feelings while having a picnic in the garden. Ask him when he feels sad, happy, and  frustrated. Acknowledge his feelings and talk about how the way we behave impacts others, thereby teaching him empathy and increasing his EQ. Role play with your children ways of protecting themselves if tempted by strangers.
Chat to your 9 year old daughter about the physical changes she’s experiencing while enjoying an ice-cream in the park. Empower your children with life saving skills if they get into trouble in water, such as don’t panic, turn around and swim to the edge of the pool.
Seize the opportunities that life presents to not only teach your children interesting facts, while travelling, but morals and values as well, thereby enriching their life. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
By Claire Marketos at http://www.inspiredparenting.co.za


  1. Boy, I really needed to read this. I am trying to get stuff done so I can take a lot of time off this month to spend with family.

    But today ran amuck somehow and I am still at work (from home) when I intended to be watching a Christmas movie by now.

    Sigh. Okay, I'm stopping. Right now!


    Great blog, BTW. I just hopped over from the Bloggy Moms hop.


  2. Hopping back! I think communication building starts when your children are young. I think you build the channels to share on when they are little and they are still there when they get older.

  3. Such a great post, so true. I am so thankful that I get to be a stay-at-home mom and be there for my kids in so many ways. This is such a great reminder of my most important job, thank you! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am your newest follower too!

  4. I am always conscious of the fact children are sponges, constantly absorbing and processing information. You offered some good tips on how to help them make sense of it all. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. stopped by to return the follow thanks for dropping by. Have a great weekend

  6. Amen to that!! I agree, try to never pass up an opportunity to chat with your child! Keep the lines of communication open. The most important lessons in life come from us:)

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments and the follows.