Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Featured Articles

I found the funniest blog today that really got my creative juices flowing.
Stay-at-home Moms Turning into Work-at-Home Moms
Life as a stay-at-home-mom comes with rewards and challenges. . . .
Why do Children Whine, Scream and Fight?
Once the need has been made clear, not only can you relate to your child better but together with your child you can also find a solution which both of you can live with. . .
Crafty Toddler Meals
“Go ahead and play with your food” says Mama Brain. Visit her web site for great recipes and food inspiration. . . .
Easter is coming. Only two weeks left. Visit for great recipes, kids crafts and decoration ideas. I took my grandkids to see the new movie Hop last night. It was a fun Easter activity.
Have a happy Easter with your friends and family.

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