Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love is the Message of June

June emerges as a sea of green.  Summer officially starts, and in earlier days trees would have become the heart of the community.  Children would be in them and adults would gather under them to share stories and a cool drink.  Some of the distinction between trees blurs with the passing of the blossoms and we see, instead, a merciful bower and quiet retreat.  The trees are generous with their shade, and we can breathe a little deeper in their presence.
Looking up into the canopy of a spreading tree is a heart-filling experience.  A tree can protect you from rain and yet allow a glimpse of a summer sky.  Looking at the world with the heart may open a similarly uplifting view.  We are sheltered from loneliness as we receive love from people in our lives, and see acts of kindness through seemingly impenetrable barriers.  As we learn to receive and give love we gain the message of June.
Excerpt from  Leaves for the Tree of Life by Kim Welborn and Dianne Murray

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