Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. from the Leaves from the Tree of Life

For all of the glory in the branches, the earth has finished her work of production.  We celebrate now with what we already possess; we make cider from the apples we’ve picked and store the squash for the winter.  We have such security in our substance that we will play with our food, carving faces where candles can glow in a pumpkin that will never be eaten.   In consumer psychology, the orange colors of October inspire ideas of warmth and richness, a concept seized upon by advertisers of brandy and other upscale foods. They also physically stimulates the pancreas, which produces digestive enzymes for digestion of starches, sugars and fats in addition to insulin.  Fast-food marketers have capitalized on that bit of information, which explains the remarkably homogenous decorating schemes of the major chains.    From candle-glow to decorative orange leaf bags, everything proclaims glory in October.
Excerpt from Leaves from the Tree of Life by Dianne Murray and Kim Welborn. 

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