Monday, May 24, 2010

My Favorite Teacher

May 24th, 2010
Over at Terra Del Sole they are doing a shared post called Mia Monday. What is Mia Monday? This is all about you. This is a Meme about us…we often take the time for everyone else, so this is a time for our us to take the time to write all about ourselves. Every week I will have three themes for you to choose from…post your link below, take the button and please follow. Visit some other people and leave a comment to the others joining “Mia Monday”. Try to visit at least three others from “Mia Monday” this gives you a chance to meet new people, and really get to know them. Here are the three themes this week.  There are three topics to choose from.
I decided to join in because I have been thinking about teachers gifts since it is the end of the school year, here. One of the topics was Most Memorable Teacher
What grade did they teach?
Did they make a impact on your life?
Why were they so special?
Would you want this teacher to teach your child?
The most noted teacher in my memory was a beautiful Second Grade Teacher. I do not remember her name but I will never forget what I learned from her.  She was my daughters teacher at a very hard time in my daughters life. She made my daughter feel like she was her favorite child in the class. She made her feel important by showing a genuine interest in her. I really appreciated having her as my daughters teacher but it was not until this teacher came to a social event for another student that I realized how incredible she was. She made a this child feel important just by making the effort to be there. She waited by the door and cheerfully greeted each and every one of her student who came through the door.  The students did not see this because after their hellos and hugs they found a seat with their parents. I stood back and watched as she made everyone feel special. What a great teacher.What a wonderful talent. I have tried to emulate this talent in my life.

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