Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Empowering Kids Through Music

Mom-Stuff wants to interduse  you to a very talented mom who is sharing her talents and love of music.  Her name is Pamela Ott. She is a Musician, Mother, Board Certified Music Therapist and believer in music’s ability to encourage, enhance and assist in a child’s development. Since Music Therapy is out of the reach of many children that could truly benefit from it and music programs have been reduced due to budget cuts, She has started a blog with regular posts with music, activity and instrument ideas for parents, therapists and educators in the hope that it will encourage the use of more music in the education and development of children!
You can visit her at blog Empowering Little Learners Through Music at
I am really impressed by Pamela’s musical knowledge and her willingness to share with today’s parents.  Her blog is a great resource for mothers.

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