Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When I Have Children…

I came across this post yesterday by Holly Renee at Love Imagine Create

I really enjoyed it and I thought you would too.
I loved the comparison of parenting our children to nurturing our own inner child.
I am going through a chapter in my life with some big changes.  As I contemplate these changes I have been pondering or evaluating exactly where I am at with these issues. This post was just what I needed to hear. I love how the exact information comes to you when you need it. Thank you Holly for sharing. I hope all of you moms will enjoy her post. Make sure you visit her site. She has some great posts.

When I Have Children…

When I have children I want them to be happy, to feel unconditionally loved, to love their own body, to be comfortable expressing themselves, to feel safe, to dream big, to have true friends, to laugh, to learn how to be independent, to feel grateful, to have a sense of humor, to appreciate nature, to know how to share, to love animals, to treat others well, to marry the spouse of their dreams, to let their imagination run wild, to be accepting, to know who they are, to learn patience, to play, to be healthy, to understand where other people are coming from, to listen to their hearts, to respect other’s beliefs, to be creative, to forgive, to celebrate, and to grow.
I spend time with my nephews.  I read so many blogs about parenthood.  I constantly see adults interacting with kids.  I notice the exchanges that seem to help or hinder children.  And I truly hope that I can someday give my ‘babies’ all the nourishment they need, both emotionally and physically.  I want them to have thoughts and experiences that make their souls light up.
Then I think about my inner-child.  The beautiful little girl who liked her hair in pigtails and wore two different colored shoes. The adventurer who liked to catch bugs and build forts. The athlete who played soccer for hours and ran faster than the boys.  The investigator who collected rocks of every shape and size.  The child who knew she was something spectacular.
She deserves all the things I want to give my children.  And she is me, but she is also my child.  The child I get to re-parent. She is a source of vulnerability and beauty for the Holly Renee I am now.  She inspires me to treat myself with all the kindness in the world.
Without unconditionally loving her I will never heal and grow into the fullest Being I can be. Without learning from her I won’t know how to care for myself, or my future children.  Thank you Little-Holly, I have decided this post is for you.  You are passionate, beautiful, sensitive, and inspiring.  May you dance with our future children and help ignite their souls with love.
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