Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make it a "All-About You" for a Special Girlfriend Day

Friendship Jill Day for your girlfriendsWhat girlfriend deserves her own special holiday? (seriously!)

Some friends are there for us when no one else is, others find ways to help us reach our dreams and then there are those amazing women who know just how to make us laugh when we were really ready to cry. Girlfriends who care about how we feel and think, who really listen and who celebrate our successes with us are cherished friends.
We’re so fortunate as women to have close friends and especially blessed when a special friend comes into our life who makes us a better person and who demonstrates all the amazing qualities of a true ‘best friend forever.’
My friend Jill (shown here and currently caring for children in Haiti) is a kind, caring, funny, amazing woman. Her longtime BFF (over 20-years) recognized her girlfriend gratitude as an opportunity to make Jill feel as special as her friendship is to her. So, she decided to show her appreciation for Jill and their wonderful friendship with a surprise “Jill Day” celebration.
Unaware that it was her special day, Jill was invited over for a normal dinner at her best friend’s house. However, as soon as she arrived, she knew things weren’t so ‘normal.’ “Happy Jill Day” signs the kids had made decorated the house and yard. She was greeted with hugs, cheers and cards. Her favorite meal was prepared and everything was centered around this special guest of honor. Her BFF toasted Jill and shared her appreciation for the decades of friendship they’d shared, the amazing qualities about Jill that she loves and even gave her a friendship ring to remind Jill of their friendship.
As you can guess, Jill as overwhelmed by this special friend and her amazing display of love and girlfriend gratitude. it was their own personal ‘holiday’ and celebration of friendship – a day to reflect and feel grateful for their wonderful years of friendship.

Who in your life could you use a “Jill” day? What girlfriend has been there for you for years? What friend means so much to you that you just need to express it?

Plan your own “Jill” (or Sandy or Barb) day. Make it special and all about your favorite friend. Show her how much you appreciate the gift of her friendship and express how she has impacted your life in amazing ways. Customize the day to what will make her feel special and loved – dinner, tickets to something she wants to see or something as simple a mani/pedi together – whatever she’ll enjoy and cherish, as you do her friendship.
That’s just one way to celebrate her friendship. For more, check out these ways to be a better friend, reconnect with old friends and make new friends in our Month of Friendship blogs.

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