Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's Begin 2011 on the Right Foot

Mom-Stuff.com Featured Resources to help you start 2011 on the right foot.
Tips to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick
Setting New Year’s resolutions may be a time-honored tradition but unfortunately making last-minute vows during a champagne toast isn’t an effective approach. How can you ensure that you’ll stick with your goals beyond January 15th? You’ve got to make sure that your goals possess a “STICKINESS” factor. . . .
Setting Goals and Shaping your Future
Each year on the first of January, I take the time to reflect upon my goals from the previous year. I like to evaluate what I have accomplished, and review everything that has manifested throughout the year. It always makes me smile, how things have unfolded for the goals which had a strong enough WHY even if I did not really know at the time how I would get them accomplished…amazing how that works! . . .
Organizing For Taxes – For the Unorganized
My taxes are a mess, or rather doing them is. I run a small business to make it even worse, am I am semi organized at best. Today found me with a large pile or receipts for just about everything that needed to be organized and tallied and more . . .
To Sick for School?
Kids health questions. Is your kid to sick to send them to school. Parents can use the following symptom-based guidelines to help them decide whether to keep their child home or send them to school.
Recipe Overhaul
Do you have had a stack of recipes to go through each time you cook?  Here is some great tips for recipe organization. I started with a spiral index card book in High school, then went onto a small ring binder for index cards, next was a small album with sheet protectors, and now I have FINALLY found a great strategy that works for me. Let’s go about this in 5 steps! . .

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