Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do you want GMO in the food you feed your kids?

I heard this interview last night and was furious at the attitude taken by Organic Valley and several organic organizations on the topic of GMO alfalfa, which the FDA wants to permit unconditionally. The transcript is available at

In the interview on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" about the introduction of GMO alfalfa into dairy feed. In the interview was the following segment: 

     Mr. GEORGE SIEMON (Chief Executive Officer, Organic Valley): "You know, there's reality, and  there's perception. And perception is consumers are saying they don't want any pollution in organic products, and whether that's realistic or not is another matter, but for sure consumer perception is a real concern."

My letter to Organic Valley is below. I encourage you to write one of your own!

Frankly, the quote sounds as if your company agrees with Charles Benbrook (Chief Scientist, Organic Center) that if we insist on milk and eggs from animals that eat absolutely no GMO genes, we''ll have to get that food from Europe. Apparently you are acknowledging the superior European standards, and willing to support lesser quality in our country. My reality is that I do NOT consider GMO acceptable in any degree in my organic purchases. My legitimate interests and preferences should not be discarded as "perceptions" that simply need to be worked around. Don't assume my ignorance, indifference, or passivity as a consumer. I am one of many, many, who wont "settle" for GMO foods in any form.


Kim Welborn


  1. I completely agree with you. I just can't believe what they are doing to our food supply and how they get a way with it. I shared your article on Facebook. I wish people would wake up and get a clue before Monsanto controls it all and all seeds are created to terminate. I'm sure you've heard of the terminator seed. Yikes! That could cause global starvation. Please come on over and join my blogfrog community if you already haven't.

  2. Definitely going to have to read up on this! Thanks for sharing!

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