Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome March

March is the month of the buds coming forth.  Quietly they have worked for months to develop, and now they are ready to burst.  Most won’t actually open this month, but they are pregnant with promise.  Hope is in the trees and in the birds they are now beginning to welcome to their still-bare branches.  This is a time for watching the pieces come together, for potential.  Life is stirring.  Everything necessary for trees to blossom and leaf out is present, just as it is within us.  The branches are busy now putting effort toward the blooms to come; we can occupy ourselves in similar fashion.  Everyone in March thinks spring will be here any day.  It’s a time inherently full of creative effort: we color eggs and hide them, we make kites and fly them, and the sky plays with new cloud formations.
A bud contains within its tiny space a fully formed leaflet, which will enlarge and expand as it shakes off the tiny covering of scales, which protects it as it forms.  We often have a similar covering on our minds. We hold back many of the ideas that come to us, even those that are truly inspired, as a protective measure for our egos or our hearts.  Only by opening them up do we have a real opportunity to know whether or not they will “amount to something”.  Imagination consists of courage added to an idea.  Ideas are ways to integrate various parts or pieces into a new whole, the main message of this month.  Courage is being the first bud to open, even if it might still be cold and there’s no one to notice.  Great artists are always original. Buds don’t ask whether their leaf will look like anyone else’s.
This is an excerpt from the Leaves of the tree of Life by Kim Welborn and mom-stuff’s own Dianne Murray.
March is the time to rejoice in being a part of this glorious world. Let’s celebrate the wonderful energy of March.

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