Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teachers Appreciation Week

This week is Mother’s Day. Mom-Stuff wants to wish all of our moms the best Mother’s Day ever. If you still need some fun ideas to help celebrate your Mother’s day visit mom-stuff.com for some last minute ideas.
This week is also Teachers Appreciation Week. We have posted two new crafts for you and your kids to make for their teacher. We hope you will have as much fun making these as we did.
Crayon Bouquet
This is a very easy project and it was so much fun for the kids to help with. My grandkids loved pushing in the crayons. . . . keep reading
Crayon Wreath
This project is mostly done with a glue gun so it is recommended for older kids or moms. . . . keep reading
Make sure you tell your child’s teacher “thanks” for all they do.  Teachers make the world a better place for all of us, one child at a time.
I Am A Teacher
By John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter  (Adapted from his book I Am A Teacher) the toughts of a Teacher.
I was born the first moment that a question leaped from the mouth of a child.
Throughout the course of a day I am called upon to be an actor, friend, nurse and doctor, coach, finder of lost articles, money lender, psychologist, substitute parent and a keeper of the faith.
I am the most fortunate of all who labor. I know that what I build with love and truth, will last forever. I am privileged to see that life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas and friendships.
And who do I have to thank for this wonderful life I am so fortunate to experience? You, the public and the parents who entrust to me their greatest contribution to eternity, their children.
I have wept for joy at the weddings of former students, laughed with glee at the birth of their children and stood with head bowed in grief and confusion by graves dug too soon for bodies far too young.
I have a past that is rich in memories, I have a present that is challenging, and fun, because I am allowed to spend my days with the future.
I Am A Teacher and I Am Thankful For It every Day.


  1. I love the crayon wreath! I might have missed Teacher Appreciation but end of school might be nice :)