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Blog Tour Visits Looks Good in Polka Dots

March 9th, 2010

The Mom-Stuff Blog Tour is visiting Looks Good in Polka Dots this week.  Jamie is a talented writer. She has her blogLooksGoodInPolkaDots. “It’s not just about Mothering, Gluten Free Cooking and Socially Conscious Living.”
She is also a Contributing Writer for these sites:
Today I want to share one of her articles from EcoChildsPlay.com This sounds like fun.
I Make My Own Soap
Let’s get real here… I like to do crafty things. If you don’t roll that way, it’s okay! There are plenty of options out there for purchasing natural, handcrafted soaps (which are better for you, better for the environment and better for small business). I’ve been “going to” make soap for about six months now. Well, it’s a new year and that means its time “to”.
If you want to jump on the handcrafted soap bandwagon… Here’s how!
First, jump on over to Bramble Berry and purchase an Eco-Chic Soap Kit ($15.45). The kit includes: 2 lbs of Organic Melt and Pour Base, 1 ounce spirulina, 1 ounce cranberry seeds and two essential oils. You provide coffee grounds, oats, rubbing alcohol, and recycled containers of choice (think shape/texture- tofu containers, yogurt tubs, the bottom of a 20oz soda bottle, small milk cartons, etc…).
Once you’ve compiled all the tools and ingredients, use the Eco-Chic Soap Tutorial on the Soap Queen Blog to create your one of a kind soap. Skip the last step that recommends wrapping your soap in plastic wrap. We don’t like that stuff. Instead use parchment paper, corrugated (recycled) paperboard, fabric or place in a recycled tub (like a large cream cheese or margarine tub) or other sealed container.
The best part of this project is the simplicity, which means the kids can help. Let them experiment with other herbs and coarse ingredients, change up your molds by placing a flexible cookie cutter inside the container and filling it with the soap base, have fun! Remember to set the kids’ shower timers so they aren’t tempted to hang out a little longer enjoying their new concoction
Jamie is a very talented Mom as you will find out this week. Polkadotmommy is the kind of person we all want as a friend. Go visit her blog LooksGoodInPolkaDots and make comments, you will be glad you got to know her.
Mom-Stuff.com (featured articles) has got your St. Patrick’s Day food, kids crafts and decorations posted.
I will see you tomorrow with more great stuff from Jamie, the polkadotmommy.
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  1. Thanks for welcoming over here at Mom-Stuff! I'm thrilled to see you found my soap post... which reminds me... I have work to do! :)