Friday, March 5, 2010

A Mom-Stuff Favorite from Trench Mommy

The Mom-Stuff Blog tour wants to share a creative post from the trenches of motherhood with you today. Mandy has a great gift of socialization. She brings moms together and lifts them up. It has been such an honor to be welcomed into her world this week. I have only given you a glimpse into her life. Make sure you visit her site, blogs and her Blogfrog community.

Traveling Activity with Quirky Momma

Rachel is mommy to three preschoolers and blogs about their learning activities and adventures at Quirky Momma. Her original mini-whiteboard post can be found on that site

I have three preschoolers and to say that it is a “struggle” to keep them entertained when traveling or at say a Dr. appointment is an understatement. I feel like we are finally getting to a place where keeping them engaged is easier. One of our favorite travel and diaperbag forms of entertainment/learning is our mini-whiteboards. They are super easy to make and can keep your kids entertained for 20-30 min at a time. I have even used them to write notes to myself when out and about or to keep track of a grocery list. This whiteboard is included in my post on 40 Tips to Travel with Preschoolers.


An empty CD case


glue stick

Dry Erase Markers

Dried out diaper wipe (for cleaning – they last a long time and store inside the case)

White paper – Cardstock is best, or patterned paper – we printed the print one of Charles Harper’s animal works for the kids to play “I Spy” and circle animals they find.


Take apart the CD case. We made our case white on one side and patterned on the other. Cut your paper to fit. Lightly edge your paper in clear glue to help it adhere to the case. The glue is not necessary, but it helps your mini-whiteboard live a little longer. If your kids are like mine, their favorite part of this activity will be wiping their writing, opening and closing the case between wipes. Reassemble the CD case and have fun writing! This is a great thing for every toddler diaper bag, great for entertaining and keeping kiddos quiet in a pinch. The Dry Erase markers will stain clothes, the carpet at the Dr. office, etc., so I like to take wipe-able crayons with me when we are out. Have fun playing “I Spy” and learning with your mini-whiteboard.


If you go with the Harper print, circle the animals in one color, plants in another… or circle a specific animal. He found the walrus!!!

If you have patterned paper that is dot-to-dot have the kids follow the numbers to create the design.

play guess that letter or guess that word. As you write the letter have the kids guess it before you are finished.

Use it in Bible memory. Write your Bible verse and erase a word each time you say it until you are saying the entire verse with out seeing the words (this is a great way to work on site reading with your early reader).

Color a picture – be creative!

Today is our last day with Mandy from the trenches of motherhood. We want to thank Mandy for sharing her blogs with us. The Mom-Stuff Blog Tour is almost over and that makes me sad. Next week will be our last week for this tour. We will be visiting Looks Good in Polkadots. It will be educational. Jamie nitch is glutten free foods.

I hope you are having as much fun following Mom-Stuff Blog Tour as we are. If you want to make some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts with your kids this weekend we have some great ones at

Have a great weekend.

See you next week.

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