Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mom-Stuff Visits Trench Mommy

The Mom-Stuff Blog Tour is visiting From the Trenches of Motherhood this week.  Mandy is a preacher’s wife and a mother of three. Mandy has a positive attitude about life which really shows in her blog and her Blog Frog Community. She wants to encourage others to improve their lives.  Today I want to share a post from her blog to show you her personality. This post encourages wife’s to love and appreciate their husbands.
Fan The Flame {Part Two”}

Welcome to week two of my marriage series based on the bookSeven Reasons Why God Created Marriage.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will join us as we seek to grow our marriages.
This week’s verse is:
“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” –Romans 15:7 (ESV)
This week’s theme is:
Accept One Another
I love my husband, but there are times he does something and it annoys me.  A lot.
I know…you’re shocked that I get annoyed, right?!
What?  You’re not?!
Okay, okay…we all have our moments.  And this is what this post is all about.
The challenge for the week is finding a way to accept your husband in the little things.  Maybe it’s when he leaves the toothpaste cap off or his dirty socks by the bed.  Maybe it is something bigger than that.
Whatever the case is, I want to challenge you to accept your husband unconditionally this week by picking one thing that he does – that annoys you – and ignoring it this week.  Perhaps it is the socks on the floor or the shoes left out.
This week our job – yes, I’m included in on this! – is to simply accept them for who they are and not criticize or nag them.
For me, it’s going to be about the shoes, the toilet lid, and the shower curtain.  I am going to accept him for who he is by silently just taking care of the item or problem that gets to me.  If he leaves his shoes out, I will put them away.  If he leaves the toilet lid up, I’ll just put it down without saying a word.  And if it’s the shower curtain not pulled back after his shower, I will just close it without sighing in frustration.
Now it’s your turn to share what and how you are going to accept your husband.  Write your post and then link back up here so we can all be encouraged together.

I want to thank Mandy from the Trenches of Motherhood for sharing her blog posts with other moms. We love learning from each other. Follow along with us on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. You will find great information and make some new friends. Make sure to leave comments here or on Mandy’s blog. Follow with Google Connect. If you are on twitter you can find Mandy at http://twitter.com/TrenchMommy and me at http://twitter.com/ Dianne_mom-stuff. Come follow us. Retweet and share with your peeps.
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See you tomorrow,  I will share more from the Trenches of Motherhood..

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