Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trench Mommy-Blog of the Week

Mom-Stuff Blog of the week- From the Trenches of Motherhood. Mandy calls herself Trench Mommy.  But as you will see in these posts I am sharing withyou today, she doesn’t allow herself to stay in the foxhole. She finds some motivation, she finds her strength, she makes a plan and then she follows through. The more time I spend on her site the more I find a mom who not only wants to thrive; she wants you to thrive too. She shares her process and invites you to join her.  The first post Going Through the Motions was her motivation and her plan. The second post is the third week in this series, What if I had Given Everything. This post Getting Up On Time, is an example of her follow through. You can see each weeks goal and progress on her blog.
Going Through The Motions
Mathew West-The Motion  s
This past year was one of the hardest years in my life.  Maybe the hardest of all.
In an ironic twist, it seemed that every time this sweet baby was in the hospital, my own trials increased.
While the things that God allowed to come my way in the past 12 months have strengthened me, they have also left me exhausted and spiritually drained.
At this moment, the close of this 28th year of my life, I feel like I am stuck on “auto pilot” or in what I fondly call the “cope mode”.  And I am tired of that.  I don’t want to be stuck…
…I want to be thriving!
I don’t want to go through the motions anymore, I want to give my everything with an all consuming passion for Christ and His amazing grace in my life.
When I came across the above video clip of Matthew West’s song The Motions I knew it was going to be my theme for the year of 2010.  I hope it will be your theme as well as we step out together from going through the motions to soaking in the presence of God and living a life consumed by Him.
I don’t want to wake up at 60 years of age and look back and ask myself: “What if I had given everything?”  I want God to take me – my selfish pride – out of the way this year and dig deep to refresh my heart, mind, and soul in Him.
Do I have a plan?
Yes!  I do have a plan.  Something that I am going to set in motion this week to help make this a year where I just soak up all I possibly can and saturate my life with the truth of God’s Word.
Join me on January 1st to read about my 2010 theme…
Welcome to Week Three of:
What If I Had Given Everything In 2010?

If this is the first time you have joined me for my year-long-post-series, please click here to read the introduction.
Now, for those of you following or joining me – I hope you’re doing this with me! – read on for the 3rd goal for the year.
Remember that we are still in our first goal unit – SCHEDULE – and this is the 3rd week, so that means 2 left to go!  Speaking of which, I just finished my book for this unit, too.
 Goal #3 Get Up On Time
I know….this is the hard one depending on what your life is like.  If you have any time in the morning that you can flex, like me, it may be a battle.  But that’s what this is all about: battling to give everything this year.
I will be vulnerable here and share that getting to bed on time this past week has been tough.  Really tough.  It seemed that things just came up to get me off track even with the best of intentions.
At some moments I thought: “Well, maybe my life has just changed and I just can’t get up early any more….”  BUT then God would bring to mind that this wasn’t meant to be easy.  If it was, I would not be struggling with it and would be “perfect”!  However, HE has will supply me with what I need at the moment I need it.  And sometimes that means the strength to keep on keeping on even when I’ve just failed.
So when I have missed my bedtime for two nights in a row I don’t give up…I keep on.  As my body adjust it will be easier because my body will automatically draw me to bed without as much will power.
So how about you?  How are you goals going?  Join me in my community forum to start a discussion or join an existing one about your battle for this year.  Let’s encourage one another!
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See you tomorrow, Dianne

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  1. Very intriguing. I hate getting up in the mornings... always have... and so I can see this being a struggle as well - and a worthwhile goal. When we hit this goal - our mornings can run smoother and with less stress and chaos... and less items forgotten once we get to work and school.

    Thanks for this post.