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Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center
 Today  we are sharing a book review  by
S. Krishna on one of Katherine’s  books.
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Everyone is Beautiful-Book Review-S. Krishna’s Books, March 25, 2009
I really enjoyed Katherine Center’s first novel The Bright Side of Disaster, so when I got the chance to review her new novel from Pump Up Your Book Promotion Blog Tours, I jumped at the chance. I’m thrilled to say that Everyone Is Beautiful is just as good as, if not better than, The Bright Side of Disaster.
I love how honest Center’s writing is. She doesn’t try to hide anything; instead of telling us that Lanie is depressed and completely strung out, she shows us. She shows us how much Lanie gives to her family, and how there is little (if anything) left for herself. She shows us how much Lanie really needs something of her own, something to brighten her day and give her a chance to breathe. I have to say, reading the novel, I felt just as trapped as Lanie did. When Lanie finally does start doing something that is only for herself, I cheered for her. Center manages to get the reader fully invested in her characters. It’s an amazing talent, and one that the author uses very effectively.
I thought the central message of this book was incredible. No one is perfect, and everyone is beautiful. How many times have we really thought of ourselves as beautiful? Not many, I’m guessing. It’s always “my eyes look puffy” or “is that a new wrinkle?” or “ugh, bad hair day!” I love the idea that everyone is beautiful. It puts a positive spin on life!
I loved all the secondary characters in Everyone Is Beautiful as well. The only thing I wish for the novel is that there could have been more development of these wonderful personalities! Of course, I understand that it was Lanie’s story, but it’s just a testament to Katherine Center’s character writing ability that I just wanted more!
As you can tell, I really adored Everyone Is Beautiful. This is a book with great characters, constant humor, an interesting storyline, and a wonderful message. I enjoyed it immensely, and I highly recommend it!
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  1. This is a wonderful blog, and I will certainly check out Everyone Is Beautiful. Thank you for sharing S. Krishna's well-written review - it sounds like every woman needs to hear this message! :)