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Meet Robin at Lolidots

Mom-Stuff Blog Tour is visiting Robin this week. “Lolidots began as a boutique for unique handmade children’s accessories, clothing and gifts. It started with Kutie Klips hair bows and grew from there. I love creating and crafting.

The Lolidots Blog was an unexpected extension of the Boutique that has been a wonderful experience for me. I love doing the product reviews and hosting the fun giveaways for all of my readers. More than that, I’m starting to be more comfortable with the main page of the blog and really enjoy the fun I have with it. The creative outlet is nice to have but, what’s been the most amazing part is the friendships I’ve made through it and because of it.

I’m a Texan through and through, wear my heart on my sleeve, wonderfully flawed Mommy of two, married to my best friend, child of divorce, former “party girl”, good listener, super sarcastic, soul searching, chili-cheese fries loving, non-baking, rock and rolling, unconventional parent…in a constant state of organized chaos.

I like to think of myself as an open book. If you’ve got a question about anything from hair bows to something you’ve seen or would like to see on the blog, please contact me! ”

Hello, My name is Robin

and I’m a Lost-ie.

Now, I’m not really dissecting each and every episode, reference and nuance. However, I’m fairly certain that I’m far too invested in this show. I remember this feeling of impending doom when my beloved Sopranos was coming to an end and I’m torn as to whether or not to look forward to the coming months of nervous and excited television watching.

I’m such a dork.

Daddy- I’m sorry for the jokes. Well, not all the jokes. It’s still funny to make fun of Trekkies. But, now I can commiserate.

And, many thanks to my bloggy friend Samantha for showing me the world of Lostpedia so that I may further embark on the quest of being dominated by my computer.

After a thread in Blog Frog, I have been pleasantly joined in my Lostiness by many awesome chicks and great bloggers.

So, without a doubt, I’ll be devoting time to Lost every week. I thought we could all join in, have some fun with new stuff, old stuff and maybe even some theories!

This is my first wholehearted effort at a meme of sorts. Because it seems that my calling in life is to start projects and not finish them, I’m hoping that avid participation will help prod me along. Besides, it’s only for a tv season, right?

I thought I’d start with some questions. I’ll answer them. If you want to answer in the comments, that’s cool. If you want to participate on your blog then, by all means, link up! (Ugh, this is a little like standing here naked. Dammit, if I have to start another blog just to have one link then I will!)

Oh, one more thing, if you actually enjoy this, feel free to let me know what questions I should do!

So, here’s a few I’ve been thinking of…

1. If you were on the island, which group would you be in? Survivors, Others, Dharma
2. If you were stranded on an island, which character would you want to be stranded with?
3. Which backstory was your favorite?
4. Are there any mysteries you really hope will be solved in this last season?

1. If you were on the island, which group would you be in? Survivors, Others, Dharma

Others. Definitely.

But, I’m picky.

I’d want to be a part of The Others before the plane crash. Not in the 70s when they are traipsing through the forest wearing army clothes. Not when they are plotting against The Survivors. The seemingly nice little community they have before the crash. I’m so intrigued by self-sufficient communities like that and really love those nice, neat little houses. I don’t know what it is but, I’m drawn to that.

Not so big on the traipsing through the jungle or beach living.

2. If you were stranded on an island, which character would you want to be stranded with?



Ok, really though, I’d have to say Charlie. For one, love the accent. He’s sweet and a good conversationalist. He’d have some great stories to tell and could keep me entertained with his guitar. I wouldn’t get sick of looking at him, that’s for sure!

Though, now I’m turning more practical and thinking maybe Jack would be a better choice.

3. Which backstory was your favorite?

Sawyer, Miles, Daniel.

I guess my fave though, because so much was revealed, was Daniel Faraday.

4. Are there any mysteries you really hope will be solved in this last season?

Why didn’t Aaron have to go back?
Why were Walt and Michael able to leave?
If the island is so powerful then why didn’t Jack’s dad come back to life when 815 crashed?
And, what’s the deal with Jack’s dad? How is he so important that Locke talked to him before he turned the wheel?
What was the deal with the horse?
Why did Jacob give Hurley that guitar case, what’s in it and why did he bring it?
What’s the deal with the statue? Where did it come from and why is it broken now?

I’m sure I have more questions and will absolutely have even more when the new season starts. For now, I’d love theories on any of my questions! I’m going to do another post of theories in a couple of days.

Alrighty. Now it’s time to see how many Lost-ies want to join in!

Destiny calls!

Posted by Robin Haws

I hope you are having as much fun following Mom-Stuff Blog Tour as we are. This week we will be visiting Robin at lolidots. and we know you will enjoy her. She is entertaining and will makes you laugh. Make sure you follow the mom-Stuff Blog Tour to get to know her.

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