Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mom-Stuff Blog of the Week-Supermom

The Mom-Stuff Blog of the week is the Adventures of Supermom. Michell really is a supermom.  The more time I spend on her sight the more I find a mom who takes her responsibility as a mother very seriously. She has very high values and she is teaching them to her children. I think we all can learn something from her. If you have not been to her site make sure you do. You will not be disappointed.  I chose this post to share with you because it really made me look at my life. You have heard the saying, less is more. This is something we have to decide for ourselves in every area of our lives. I challenge you to not only read this but to ponder it for a while.
More Isn’t Always Better
I’ve been thinking about blogging about this from time to time but then never get around to it.

Bigger isn’t always better.  More isn’t always better.  I’m speaking in terms of personal belongings.  Like your house and possesions.  Things that you acquire thinking you have to have or you will not be complete.
We live in a modest sized house.  Yet, we have outgrown our house with all these youngin’s.  There is ZERO privacy in this house.  Just ask Superdad.
We often get asked about getting a bigger house because we have run out of room.  Sure, that would be nice.  But it’s not needed.  We are very happy with the home we have built together.  It couldn’t be in a better location in our town.  We are close to everything.
A bigger house just means a bigger place for me to clean.  More furniture to buy.  More money to heat.  More money to cool.  More taxes to pay.  Did I mention, “More for me to clean?”
I just don’t see it as a necessity.  Having a bigger house isn’t going to make us happier.  You have to be happy with what you have.  We are.
I have never been one to save or collect things.  I don’t even have a yearbook from high school.  Let alone a secret stash of porcelain dolls.  I have a place in the hall closet for craft things.  Just a place to store my yarn, fabric and other assorted craft things.  It shares space with the kids board games and coloring supplies.  The other hall closet has Superdad’s books and magazines.  Only a small portion of them because the rest are boxed up in the basement for when we have a toy free wall to build some bookshelves.
Our basement has the washer and dryer.  Boxed up magazines and books.  Christmas decorations.  Easter Decorations.  Other holiday decorations.  Toys that have been outgrown or toys that are no longer played with.  Then there are three pinball machines that Superdad is tinkering with.  And right now we are overflowing with recyclables because they haven’t been taken to the drop-off in a week or two, or even three.
I could very well go through my house and get rid of so many things.  I could live off the bare minimum.
Just so I have a warm bed, food to eat and my family around me.  Plus some yarn and my Blackberry.  Oh, and cold beer.  I don’t require much and I don’t have to acquire much either.
I never understood the need to have all this stuff.  So much stuff you had to pay for storage.  Yeah, I think that is silly.  If it doesn’t fit in the house you live in then you don’t need it.
How much do you live with?
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