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Featured Site-Better Way Moms

February 11th, 2010
Stop by Better Way Momsour featured blog this week and visit this amazing site with us. While you are there visit all of the great article sections. You can choose from: Triumphs, Life-Self Balance, More Money=More Freedom, The kids, The Man (Relationships), Friends and Family, and Product Reviews. The article we are sharing today is all about marriage after children by Ilona.

The Top 10 Things I Learned About Being “Married With Children”

I’ve been together with my husband for twelve years. In those twelve years we’ve disagreed or fought maybe ten times…eight of those fights happened after Amelie was born. If my husband was not the coolest person I know and the only one to tolerate my crap, I believe these numbers would have been much much higher, so…

Here are some things that helped us survive the first year of being”Married With Children:”

1. Appreciate each other and vocalize it often. If he changes a diaper, instead of “Finally!” say “Thank you.”

2. When it all gets too be too much and you haven’t slept or showered in days, put your hands down and laugh together even if it’s through tears. It’s just too messed up to do anything else.

3. Make a list of things that made you say “yes” when he proposed. Read it often.

4. Do one small thing a day for each other, no matter how little. My husband makes me an egg sandwich every morning to take to work. No jewelry in the world can replace that.

5. Don’t bring too many outsiders into your problems. Solve what you need to privately.

6. Slap each other’s butt once in a while in passing. Sex will follow…one day.

7. If you can’t get out together, make a date in. Better plates, bottle of wine, and “Entourage.”

8. Give each other a break, especially if you have no family help. My husband and I operated in three-hour shifts until the crying monster disappeared at about 6 months of age.

9. If you do fight, fight about what really bothers you. Don’t bring other topics into the mix.

10. If all else fails and you are angry, frustrated and hate each other’s guts for that moment…look at your kid. You made that, it’s yours and you’re freaking it out by screaming at each other.

Author: Ilona Siller

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