Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Now back to the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour.

I believe Michelle at the Adventures of Supermom is a kindred spirit. I have grown to love her passion for motherhood, her love of yarn but today I found something else we have in common. Neither one of us understand people who are obsessed with TV shows. Several weeks ago I visited Robin at Lolidots and she is a real fan of LOST. If you remember she even had a calendar on her blog counting down the days until the new season. I love the passion but I don’t get it. Michelle posted this story today that made me laugh. Michelle if it makes you feel better I understand you and I know I am not weird. Well maybe just a little weird. What do you guys think? Do you have a TV addiction? Help Michelle and I understand this strange human behavior.

Not a good kind of weird either!
He is a Lost freak.  I can honestly say it’s in his top three favorite TV shows EVER!!!!!  EVER!!!!!!
Right honey?
I used to watch it with him.  Up until they said there was going to be three more seasons.  So, I gave it up.  I didn’t want to invest three more seasons to a TV show.  Life is to short for me.  I do have four kids after all and a home to take care of.  Not to mention I have crocheting to do!!!  You have to set some priorities.  HA HA!
So, last night he is getting his Lost fix.  ~smacking my arm~  I’m working on a Sudoku puzzle in the chair.  He’s like, “This doesn’t interest you at all does it?”
He said it in a way that just made me feel not normal.  Like I was crazy for not being a Lost groupie.  He really did.
Yeah, I liked the Desmond and Penny love story.  I got over it though.  Just like I got over Grey’s Anatomy and Big Love.  I no longer watch them as of this season.  I can go online and read a synopsis in 10 minutes and save myself an hour of sitting on the couch turning into mush.
Maybe I’m just weird like that.  Who knows.
Speaking of my crocheting.  I love cotton yarn!  I found a local yarn company, local as in about 45 minutes away, that sells the best cotton yarn.  I was able to talk to them and now I’m getting 25 % off my orders!  I LOVE to buy locally and I love cotton yarn!!!!!!!  I just placed an order and I am so thrilled.  I cannot wait to touch it when I get it next week.
Buy local!  All the cool kids do it!

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