Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blog of the Week 10/11/10

January 12th, 2010
On the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour our blog of the week is Ashley’s Craft Room. Ashley’s blog gives pics and instructions for some really fun kids crafts to do with your kids. Her visitors are moms who like to do crafts with their kids and need some ideas.need This post is one I really loved, and thought this blog would help make your Valentines Day lots of fun. Ashley’s Craft Roon can be found at:
Valentine Animal Hearts
Materials:Card stock-different colors- I used four different colors.GlueColored pens or crayons.Paper to glue animals onto to make a picture or a cardInstructions:Cut hearts from several colors of card stock.I cut hearts ranging in size from 1\4 to 3 inches.I used the Cricut, Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge.Let the kids crate animals. Have a sheet of paper folded in half so children can make a Valentine for someone they want to give it to.Glue on small goggle eyes.
Make your own Valentines.Follow the same steps.I bought some cards and envelopes from the local craft store. I bought some in pink and white.I also used the scrapes from the hearts to trim the cards (and to boarded the Valentine scrapbook pages.)I used some other cut outs from my Cricut Cartridge.I love to shade some of my cutouts for affect. The most common way to shade is to use chalks, but I like to use water color pencils. I color around the edge of the paper about 1/16 wide. I then take a wet Q-tip and blend the color. This is fast, easy, and controllable. I use extra fine sharpie markers to add accents and text.

Thanks Ashley, for sharing your talents with other moms. We love learning from each other.
Follow along with us on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. You will find great information and make some new friends. Make sure to leave comments. Remember mom-Stuff will be giving away gifts to our followers that make the most comments. So welcome to the party. Let the moms know what you think by commenting and tweeting about their blog.
See you tomorrow, dianne@mom-stuff

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