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Today is our last day at SOLO dot MOM on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. The Mom-Stuff Team has really enjoyed visiting Kathrine’s great blog. She is a great resource for all moms, not just single moms. We love her articles on dating, parenting and self improvement. We have picked this article to share with you because we want to show you the spirit of Katherine’s blog. She is very practical and every mom can learn from her daily living dating attitude. She also has started a webazine titled Single Parenting 101 providing inspiration, encouragement as well as practical tips on parenting. She would like to invite other single parents to jump on board with her. Swing by both of her sites.

the joys of dating
We are dating. (Mr. M. and I)

We both have tight budgets.

We both have two kiddos.

So our dates end up being “outings” with all the kids as we do stuff together or the few and far between time we might have for just the two of us – we end up watching a video or heading over to Target. Woohoo!

Are we losing the romantic edge by not being as creative with our dating? Is the relationship in danger because we don’t get much time for just the two of us with four kiddos between us?

People like Jon and Kate lately in the news and other couples in my own personal world that are falling apart make me wonder with the “extra” responsibility kiddos bring to a relationship and when you throw in the fact it is a “new” relationship…how do we keep it intact? Can couples attempting to blend families (and Jon and Kate aren’t even blending… they chose to have multiples) survive the “dating” process? I need some regained faith in the line of love and commitment. Doesn’t anyone stay together anymore?

Things really won’t change when it comes to our responsibilities with our children… not for a long time. And our budgets won’t get any looser within the near future…. so our dating has been and will probably continue to be “daily living dating”. So now the challenge remains… to become and continue to be creative with our dating life.

Single moms out there – dating and tending to children… what are some creative ways you liven up your dating life on a tight budget and when kiddos are involved?

In the past Mr. M. and I have done this:

1. took a walk at a park neither of us had been to in the area.

2. rented a video for the “whole crew” to watch a new family oriented movie.

3. went to the zoo.

4. turned off the television and just talked when we had quiet time after the kiddos are in bed.

5. took the kiddos fishing and hiking.

Don’t you think as single moms we turn the whole dating thing into a realm open to new definitions?
Let me know what you think… single moms and single dads.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Katherine at SOLO dot MOM

Thanks to Katherine for welcoming us in her doors this week. We are so glad we came. She has extended to us her warm hospitality. Visit her often, follow her and please let her know that you have enjoyed her blog on the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. We still have a few spots left on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour if you want us to highlight your blog let us know.

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