Friday, January 8, 2010

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Today is our last day at the Wright Hair blog on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. The Mom-StuffTeam has really enjoyed visiting Amber’s great blog. She is a great resource for moms with young girls. We still have a few spots left on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour if you want us to highlight your blog let us know.

Inspired by Barbie

My daughter is getting old enough now that sometimes she has a hair idea she wants to try. This is one of those hairstyles. She got a new barbie for Christmas that had a similar hairstyle.
First make your side part. Then pull a small amount of hair across the top of her head and secure just above her ear with an elastic.

This is the side of her head with the elastic above her hair.
Pull up the remaining side expect the small ponytail you maid with the elastic. Secure with an elastic.

Take the small ponytail from the side of her head and pull it up under her ponytail and pull across as shown below then continue to wrap it around the ponytail.

We then used the blow dryer and back combed the top to give more volume.

Amber has 2 beautiful girls. One who has the most gorgeous hair that is easy to style. The other one has the most unmanageable hair. It is very thin, flat, and short. I figured if I had problems with hairstyle so does everyone else. I wanted to share my hair thoughts and ideas with others as I enjoy help with this too.

We are so grateful to Amber for sharing her blog with us. Visit the Wright Hair often and leave her your comments. She has visitors who have made special requests and she has done her best to help them.

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