Thursday, January 7, 2010

Featured Blog at Mom-Stuff Blog Tour

Thanks for visiting the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour sponsored by We are so excited by your response to our tour and we have just gotten started. We are having so much fun and making so many new friends. We still have some open weeks if you would like us to tour your blog. This week as you probably know, our Featured Blog is one of our favorite hair blogs. Amber has been such fun to work with. Thanks Amber for sharing your talents with us. Today’s post:

French Braid to Side Pony

Make a small french braid across the front top of her head. Make sure the braid goes all the way down. This is similar to a previous post but instead of a regular ponytail do a far side ponytail.

I had another blogger tell me about wrapping the braid around the ponytail so I have done that to her side ponytail. (thank you to this blogger for the idea)

We love flowers and right now she always wants the same flower so we added this flower for fun.

Stop by her blog and tell her thanks for sharing with us. The mom-team will be giving away gifts to the person who makes the most comments. You can make comments here, on the Wright Hair Blog, Tweeter, Facebook or other social sites. Thanks for being a part of www. your moms resource site.

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