Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom-Stuff Blog Tour

Today is the beginning of The Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. We will highlight one mom blog each week for 15 weeks. We will introduce you to a different mom who loves to blog each week. We think you will really enjoy this. We are highlighting blogs that we feel are a great resource to our moms. We believe in supporting, helping, and educating each other in all avenues that are of interest to moms. We are excited about our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour and hope all of you will enjoy it.

Our blog of the week is “The Wright Hair”


Meet Amber

Amber, one of our Mom-Team Experts has a hair blog. She has 2 beautiful girls. One who has long, thick, gorgeous hair that is easy to style. The other one has fine, thin, unmanageable hair. It is very thin, flat, and short. Amber figured if she had problems with hairstyle other moms might too. She wanted to share her hair thoughts and ideas with others.

Web Post: Toddler Fun Hair

First make a small ponytail across the front of her head and pull it through itself to make the twist. Then make 2 small ponytails on each side and pull them through themselves.

Pull the side pony’s and make one more small ponytail using all the other small ponytails. Then pull it through itself.

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