Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love Bug Suckers

Today is our last day at Ashley's Craft Blog on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. The Mom-Stuff Team has really enjoyed visiting Ashley's great blog. She is a great resource for moms with young kids who like crafts. We still have a few spots left on our mom-stuff blog tour if you want us to highlight your blog let us know.

Heart Suckers
Google Eyes
Red Ribbon
White and Pink craft foam
Red glitter craft foam
Small white pompoms
Red and White glider pompoms
White, red, and pink pipe cleaners
low heat glue and glue gun

The first thing that I did was cut hearts out of the craft foam. Cut 2 bigger hearts out of the white or pink. Use your suckers as a pattern to cut the hearts. Cut out 2 smaller hearts that will be glued onto the bigger hearts. I traced the hearts onto the craft foam and I let my son cut out all the hearts. If your kids are old enough they love to help with this part.

Then I had my son glue the smaller heart to the bigger hearts. We glued the hearts to the suckers, one on both sides of the sucker. To make the face I glued on the google eyes and a small pompom as the nose. I had my son twist the pipe cleaners for the antennas and I glued the pipe cleaner on the back of the sucker. For the final touch I glued glittery pompoms to the top of each antenna.

This craft is really pretty and can even be used as a decoration while waiting to give out on Valentine's Day. Put them in a vase on your kitchen table.

We are so grateful to Ashley for sharing her blog with us. Visit Ashley's craft room often and leave her your comments. She has visitors who have make special requests and has done her best to help them. Visit Mom-Stuff for your best resource site for moms. WE are busy right now posting Valentines ideas. Come and visit us. If you have a great Valentine ideas please share with us. We love to hear from you. Email us at

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