Monday, January 25, 2010

Mom-Stuff Blog Tour 01/25/10

Today we want to introduce you to Janille.

One of Janille’s Passions is cooking.

She has one of our favorite cooking blogs.

Country Cooking with Janille

We love her recipes.

Each one we have tried has been a real success.

We know you will enjoy them too.

Today I want to share with you an article Janille posted at Christmas time. This is not only a great idea it shows how she is passing on her love of cooking to her children. Her and some good friend transformed an old entertainment center into a FIRST CLASS KITCHEN.

We had an old entertainment center that we no longer needed. (Sorry, not a good picture. But you get the idea)

I wanted to transform it into a kitchen for my girls. My friends David and Kathy offered to help. Once David started, I couldn’t believe all that he did. Each day I would get more and more excited to hear about the progress. David managed to FIND an old bar sink, a rack for the oven, knobs and actual burners for the stove. He cut glass for the oven door. He cut a mirror and framed it for the window. He put the hooks on the pot rack. I used a cute shelf that my sister had made for me a few years ago. It worked out perfect. I JUST LOVE IT!

The Progress
sink in

Mirror/Window and stove in

Start painting (this is the ONE thing I could do)

Pot Rack in

Delivered on Christmas Eve. Sleigh and ALL!

With Curtains (I made these too!)




HAPPY GIRLS! They LOVE it. They haven't stopped playing with it.

Thank you again David and Kathy! We couldn’t have made it without you!! Janille.

I bet the girls love this. Visit Country Cooking with Janille. Tell her thanks for sharing her blog and her favorite recipes. Thanks for following the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. We hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. Visit us at for lots of Valentine ideas.

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