Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog of the Week

On the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour our blog of the week is The Wright Hair. Amber’s blog gives pics and instructions for some really fun hair styles for young girls. Her visitors are moms who need some style ideas for their young girls hair. This post is one I really loved. The Wright Hair can be found at:


I first started by making ringlets all over her heads. I purchased a really neat curling iron a while ago that had groves in it that makes perfect ringlets for little girls hair.

Next make a small french braid across the front of her head.

Take half of her hair and pull up into a ponytail. I then used a small elastic to make somewhat of a messy bun. I pulled out some of the ringlets and used bobby pins to keep the ringlets perfect.Then I took a red ribbon and attached a safety pin to the end. I then went in and out of her ringlets to give the swirl look.

For complete instructions and more pictures swing by the Wright Hair. There are pics of the back of this style on her blog.

Thanks Amber for sharing your talents with other moms. We love learning from each other.

Follow along with us on our Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. You will find great information and make some new friends. Make sure to leave comments. Remember mom-Stuff will be giving away gifts to our followers that make the most comments. So welcome to the party. Let the moms know what you think by commenting and tweeting about their blog.

See you tomorrow, dianne@mom-stuff

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